I Hope They Call Me on a Mission


When I was in Primary and we sang this song I always thought, “hmm, I wonder if I will ever serve a mission..” Now I can’t imagine my life without my mission. As I look back at the past 19 months, the thought that keeps coming back to me is the hymn I Stand All Amazed, because I truly stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me and the incredible mission I’ve been given. I’ve often been asked how I got so lucky to get called to this mission, and the honest answer is, I have no clue what I did to deserve it, but, like Elder Holland advised our mission when he came, I fall to my knees every night and count my lucky stars that I get to serve in the shadow of the Hill Cumorah. My mission has been perfect for me. I am forever a disciple of Jesus Christ and a Guardian of the Restoration. New York Rochester Forever. I<3NY

Here are some things that I knew before, but have been so embedded into my soul, that I can never deny them.
-Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith and he was the instrument through which Christ’s church, along with all priesthood keys, were restored.
-Joseph translated the Book of Mormon from the gold plates by the power of God. There is no way he wrote it and there’s no way it’s not true. I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON.
-We have had a succession of living prophets, leading to our prophet today, President Monson, who will never lead us astray or say anything contrary to the will of God. This fact brings me so much peace and comfort.
-Heavenly Father loves us. We are His children and everything He does for us is for our benefit.
-His Son, Jesus Christ, came to earth to suffer and die for us, because of His love for us. Love I don’t deserve. And just like He died for us He lives for us too. He’s been my strength, my patience, my light, my everything. Everyday.

I go home in just a few days now, but my purpose is still the same; to build the kingdom of God.

Thanks to all you faithful readers, who have followed me throughout my mission. Thank you for all who have supported and encouraged me through it all. I don’t know what I’ll tell you all about my mission when I get home, you’ve experienced it with me through word and picture!

Signing off from the Sacred Grove, for the last time (until I come back and serve here with my eternal companion for our senior couple mission, cuz that is 100% happening). I truly love being a missionary, it’s been a privilege to represent my Savior, Jesus Christ, and wear His name on my shoulder. Words don’t describe my love for Him.

And I really do love you all as well:)

See you soon!


image6Some of the site missionaries at one of our two site meetings on August 9th. Meet my sisters and grandparents!

image3My last day at the Grandin:( my heart has broken in four pieces this week, one for each site.


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