Smithwood for the Win!

That was the fastest week of my entire life.

I don’t even know what happened except that it was a very good week. These are some of our busiest days of the year aside from pageant, but compared TO pageant, it feels so slow, we’re just sort of wondering where all the people are while still taking back to back tours. It has been nice to have smaller groups to give more time and personal attention though. I’ve been thinking for a solid five minutes, and this is the cool experience I remembered, I’m tellin ya, it was all a whirlwind. On Sunday we were serving at the Smith Farm, and like usual I asked if anyone in the group served a foreign mission and still remembered the First Vision account in their mission language. There were a few hands raised and I had a mom start to do it in French. As she stumbled her husband filled in and then they just took turns, each phrase, correcting each other as they did it in French. It was neat, and I’m sure it was cool for their kids to see their parents work together to remember the account. THEN just a couple tours later the same thing happened! This time the parents both served in Germany and took turns filling in for each other. I love hearing the First Vision in other languages, but it was even more powerful to have these parents do it together, and realize that their missions had such a big impact on them, and also on their children as they brought them here to experience their own conversion. I’m forever grateful for what my mission has done for me, but I’m also grateful for the impact it will have on my future family. Also so grateful for two wonderful parents who both served full-time missions and didn’t let their service end there, but continued to work with their new investigators: five little tots of whom I am a part.

image1The above photo is of our Post Pageant Party! Look, we all survived! This was last week’s site meeting where we had a potluck and shared miracles from pageant. This is only half the group. This week in site meeting we were trained on PPSD – Post Pageant Sadness Disorder. I thought I’d be suffering with this, but we still have EFY groups last week and this week, so I can’t complain.

image5Another shift ends with some of my favorites. Who am I kidding, they’re all favorites!

image4 Smithwood is not only a dream companionship, but also the best duo name for a companionship. This picture explains it, a lot of laughs and good times whilst teaching people online and onsite.

Alright, that’s a wrap for this week. Tune in next week for the finale.

I love being a missionary and I love you all!


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