Uchtdorfs for the 4th of July

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 7.13.29 PMWe found out about three weeks ago that President Uchtdorf and his family would be visiting the sites on the Fourth, and that he wanted to speak to our mission!! It was so confidential of course, we weren’t allowed to tell anyone. Just happened to be transfer day, so we all gathered, got our suitcases switched and prepared for the event.  We got to take a mission picture and shake hands with Harriet and President Uchtdorf! Wowow. The meeting was so awesome. They both spoke and President Uchtdorf addressed us for almost an hour! There was no one topic he spoke on, he just went from one thing to the next, it was all over the place and all so good, I knew he was answering so many questions that our missionaries had been praying about. My favorite thing he said is how we need to have GRIT. Passion, persistence and grit, for the gospel, for the restoration, for everything. Very inspired, very spirit-filled, the best July 4th ever.

We are full swing in the pageant motion and it is incredible. This panorama is one of my favs. You have the practices for the boat scene on the stage, the battle scene in the middle, and the banner bearers all getting ready to perform. The cast all arrive on Friday, the casting happens that night, this was taken Saturday morning as they start to learn their parts, and then dress rehearsal is the following Thursday. It comes together so fast! Also on Thursday Sister Greenwood and I got to go out to the pageant tents and teach the primary kids about the sites. It was so fun, all these kids get to gather around Christ during the pageant and they just have the sweetest souls. Also met the actor portraying Mormon. 
with Mormon
Garbage plates round two: featuring Sister Guimaras (Philippines). The infamous garbage plate. I had it my first transfer, and we had to introduce Sister Greenwood and Guimaras to the pile of food. 
In other news, Sister Greenwood is just amazing! I was worried about training a new missionary during pageant, it sort of feels like feeding her to the wolves, but it’s just like she’s been here forever. Seriously, no hard adjustments for her, she is a great teacher and everyone loves her. The other day at the Grandin building she was the only one on the first floor, the other sisters left for site meeting, the senior couple and I were all on tours, and an unexpected bus shows up. Most of the time large groups call ahead to schedule, but often buses appear without warning. I rushed downstairs and we realized that one of us had to stay, the other would have to take the entire bus. She was adamant about doing it because her grandparents were on the bus, so having served there once before, she did what would terrify seasoned sisters and took the whole lot of them. I felt like such a proud mom, but I didn’t do anything, she came pre-trained! She is so great and we are having a fabulous time. People see us and say we look like sisters, which is the greatest compliment ever because she’s the prettiest human being.image12
I’m off to teach hundreds the Restoration! I love being a missionary and I love you all! 

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