The Spirit Shines Through Darkness


It’s been raining pretty much every day, which has made for some incredible double  rainbows. We’ve been busy at the sites. I’ve been on tours pretty much the entire time. I’ve had the whole range of people and it makes life super exciting. Lots of families with little kids, pre-missionaries who are so ready to leave, people here on business, the curious people not of our faith, and people who have been waiting their whole lives to come here and see where it all happened.

The adventure of the week happened on Monday. We were serving at the Whitmer Farm and the power went out! The tractor that was plowing the field across the street took out a pole and we were in the dark for most of the day. People kept coming and we gave them old school tours in the dark without the introductory film. It was a good reminder that we don’t need the fancy kiosks, or the kids games, or even the movies here to feel the Spirit. To quote my past mission president, President Francis, “It’s not the sites, because we can feel as much spirit in a trailer, it’s because we are inviting people to Christ.” And there’s really nothing better in the whole world.



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