D&C 128:20 Look It Up


We’ve had an eventful couple of days. On Sunday we had a regional broadcast for church which was all very good. We served at the Whitmer Farm that day so we drove down there for the broadcast and served the rest of the day. A couple came in and one of the senior missionaries took them on tour. I just caught a side glimpse of them and I realized he’s the famous church actor who plays Pilate and The Best Two Years mission president! Sure enough, when I came back from my tour he was still there and I got to take a picture with them.  We’ve had a few actors come through recently because they’re filming in Kirtland. So cool.image

On Monday we had two people from the missionary department come from Salt Lake to train us. It was spectacular. Sister Jacobsen and I got to give Bro. Jepsen a tour at the Hill on Monday, on Tuesday we a training meeting with all the site missionaries and President Evans gave an AMAZING training. Want to know what a perfect tour looks like? Read 1 Nephi 11. That’s what a tour should be. Many times the angel says “look”, meaning focus, and “behold” meaning value. Notice what he wants Nephi to focus on and value. What do we focus on and value? Oh man, amazing training. Then Bro. Kay and Bro. Jepsen trained us. Next we packed our minivan full of sisters and drove down to the Whitmer Farm to train the new missionaries and the sisters who came in from Buffalo for the training. It was a blast. imageThe best part of my calling is working with the sisters and the Bradfords. We had a great day on Tuesday. To cap off their stay, Bro. Kay and Bro. Jepsen did more trainings in our site meetings on Wednesday. More incredible stuff. I love being a missionary, but I will never get over how lucky I am to be a missionary at a Visitors’ Center. And not just ANY Visitors’ Center. The HILL CUMORAH. We were told that historians say it has been visited by more angelic messengers than any other location in North America. Cool.

So yep, the past few days have been pretty incredible. To top it off, on Sunday there was an INCREDIBLE broadcast for young adults, but everyone should watch it. Elder Kim B. Clark talking about Joseph Smith. I can almost guarantee you will learn something.

Alrighty, as always, I love being a missionary and I love you all.


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