A Nor’easter Interrupts Spring


Well, we had our first snow day of the year! I’ve heard it called a Nor’easter, Bomogenesis, and Stella, but we did indeed get a storm worth naming. It snowed a few feet on March 14th & 15th. We were advised not to leave our apartments. So we CLEANED and STUDIED, and did all that good stuff. All day. Now it’s melting like spring is really here. Oh New York. I love this place. I know I was asking for a storm like this all winter, but it’s the end of March. Really? Really?

The greatest news is that we got to serve at the WHITMER FARM! That’s correct, after a long winter of no sisters down there, we’re back and here we are in it. I love that place oh so much. I tried not to break the snow there.image7
We’ve had more and more people come into the sites these days! General authorities from Ghana on their way to General Conference, a FUN group of students from SVU on their Spring Break, sisters from Buffalo bringing their amazing investigators, interesting wedding parties, and the cute families from all over the country who bring their kids to learn more and see the places of the Restoration. One thing for sure is the fact that the guest makes the experience. If they are prepared and willing to learn, the Spirit is just poured out on the whole tour. We as missionaries do all we can to make it a good experience but it all comes down to the guest and the spirit they bring. 

St. Patty’s Day! I love St. Pattys Day on the mission. I’ve been holding on to those socks and scarf since last year. Not every day you get to wear those.

And 14 months at the Whitmer Farm. Don’t I send one of these pictures home every other week? How is this possible?!image9

In other [important] news, Chill ‘n Grill opened again for the summer.


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