Stripling Warriors + Two


The thing about my Pday is ya never know when it’s going to be. I don’t even know when it’s going to be until a couple days before. It’s a surprise every week. So hear I am, writing again. Let’s see…we had an all day Hill Cumorah shift on Saturday, we were in Primary again on Sunday so the teachers could attend their teacher council meeting. I’ve attended Primary way more than Relief Society the past four months. Yesterday we were at the Grandin Building all day. It’s exciting because more and more people come in saying they’re on spring break. Busy season is just around the corner! Sister Jacobsen and I are keeping busy enough right now though. Lots to do! We come home from a shift and it’s back to work but sometimes we just pretend to be Stripling Warriors.

Snow storm is here. It’s currently pathetic. New York needs to man up. They cancelled school for the next two days. It’s supposed to get worse I guess.

A part that’s been sticking out to me lately from the Christus audio is from D&C 19:23- “Learn of me and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my spirit and you shall have peace in me.” Three simple invitations: learn, listen, and walk. And then we can have peace in Him. I know that it’s only through Him that we can find true peace. He is the Prince of Peace! Get ready for an upcoming Easter initiative! So exciting! I haven’t even seen it yet, but it should debut soon.




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