My Weekend Was Better Than Yours

image1 4Wow, I’m going for gold here. This is 18 days without a real Pday. Last week I took a couple hours to email, pack and buy food, so really my last Pday was when I went to the dock at Sodus Point. No wonder time is flying! What feels like one week was actually three! Honestly the past few weeks have been packed and we’ve been working so diligently, and I’m just full of so much joy. I love being a missionary and wow, let me tell you of the incredible week I’ve had. 

Face To Face. Where to begin. This was quite the production that came to town, let me tell you. The Smith Farm was taken over by teams for lighting, broadcasting, sound, social media, music, security, makeup, I could go on and on. It was NUTS!! So cool to see the behind the scenes.  And everyone was so nice and cheerful. It was a blast. image3
“Look Mom, I’m on TV!” You can’t really see a lot of the setup but let’s just say this is
not what our welcome center typically looks like.

Friday night we had the amazing opportunity to hear from President Eyring and Elder Holland in a fireside for the Palmyra Stake. It was incredible. A lot of things they talked about was actually repeated in the Face To Face. THEN the next morning we had a special meeting with ELDER HOLLAND as a mission! Everyone came in to the mission office and we set up for the group photo we got to take with him. As we were setting up they said that President Eyring wouldn’t be able to make it, even though he was planning on it, he needed to prepare for the Face To Face. Then they said Sister Holland wouldn’t make it either. Would we even be having a meeting? And then he came in! Elder Holland himself! We took a photo and then we all shook his hand. Later in the meeting he told us that he was interviewing us each as we shook his hand and as he looked into our eyes for those 2 seconds. Wow. We then proceeded to have THE COOLEST MEETING EVER. Our mission put in so much spiritual preparation and wow, it paid off, the Spirit was there in abundance. He talked about how we have the coolest mission ever (yeah, knew that, but it was still cool to have an apostle agree), and then he continued to teach us about the Book of Mormon. Wow, mind blown. He had a chalkboard and he was showing us how in just the first fourteen pages you have the message of the entire book, all summed up 1 Nephi 1:12-“And it came to pass that as he read, he was filled with the Spirit of the Lord.” Wow, I love the Book of Mormon. He also said, “No matter how committed to the Book of Mormon you are, it is not enough.” So amazing, I love that man. Wow, it was only 10:30 a.m. and the excitement of the day was not done! The Face To Face. So good. We watched it at the stake center. First off, the boy host, Kobey, is my favorite youth ever! He’s in the Orchard Park Ward and his family is one of my absolute favorites! I was so proud of him when I heard he was chosen. Also, the violist, Sister Crofts, did such an amazing job. We were all so proud of her. She was the VCT before I came. I also knew about half of the youth in the audience from past areas and wards. And the interview itself was so amazing. Such powerful men. I need to go back and rewatch it. There were great questions asked and the answers they gave apply to everyone. We went back to the Farm after the event and watched them take it down and pack up in less than 2 hours, it was crazy. So much excitement for the weekend, I’m soo glad I got to be a part of it all. 
After they cleared out we took the opportunity to pretend we are cool. Just sitting in the chair President Eyring sat in. Oh I love these sisters. Best friends FOREVER.image7

Sister Jacobsen. Seriously, I can’t even begin to tell you how blessed I am to be her companion. She is amazing, kind, funny and from Central Utah! What more do you need? We talk about places and people we know and we seriously get along so great. Plus she’s a runner. The other morning we ran three miles. Just wait, when I come home I will be so fit for the first time in my life. And she is a hard worker, which is great, because we have a lot to do at the visitors’ center. image12This picture describes our companionship. We feel like we’re in the middle of a windstorm, there are so many things coming at us, but we’re also having the time of our lives! Woohoo, bring it on, we are ready for it!!!

So, you might be wondering what I do all day. My new life as full-time visitors’ center trainer is absolutely fabulous. We are at the historic sites or the visitors’ center everyday and then we train the sisters, do orientation for the new sisters, teach online, schedule, work on training plans, and our list just keeps on growing. We are so busy all day every day and it is a blast. 

Here we are training the new sisters at the Hill Cumorah.  My favorite part of my calling as a VCT is working closely with all of the sisters.image14
Also, since we don’t have an area or members to feed us, we get to eat dinner with the senior couples, aka our grandparents. Dinner with the Bergstroms. I love the Bergstroms. The other sisters in the picture are the other set of full time VC sisters, Sisters Cahoon (Canada), Ankeny (Arizona) and Cortez (Ecuador). They’re a fun trio.

Hmmm, reading back through this I see that I said wow about a bajillion times. Sorry, that’s annoying. But it really sums up how I feel! I’m so amazed at the incredible experiences I’m having. I’ve never been happier. Life is so so good. Yesterday we had zone conference and President Evans talked a lot about preparation. I now understand the impact spiritual preparation can have, and we have the incredible opportunity to listen to our leaders in a couple weeks. I don’t know how it is coming up on General Conference again, I swear we just had it a month ago, but I know if we’re spiritually prepared, we will see so many blessings. 

I love you all and I love being a missionary!



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