Goodbye Palmyra, Hello Palmyra!

Wow, big changes!! So transfers happened. But to explain them I have to back up a little. Our mission is undergoing a significant change, and I get to be a part of it! Thus far, all sisters called to this mission who serve around the Palmyra and Rochester areas also serve
part-time at the sites and visitors’ center. This is not how it is in other visitors’ center missions. In other places they have some sisters work part-time and some sisters work full-time at the visitors’ center. Our mission is starting the transition to this. Starting tomorrow. As Visitors’ Center Trainers we, and one other set of sisters, will be serving full-time, all day everyday at the visitors’ center. Then as time goes on we will receive more and more sisters and more companionships will be added full-time. It’s so exciting! We will be living in Palmyra in some really nice apartments just down the road from the Smith Farm.

Unfortunately one of us is not makin’ the transition. That’s right, Smith and Barrett are being separated! It’s not fair! One transfer was not long enough for this dream companionship. It went by so fast it honestly felt like a dream. Sister Barrett will be staying in Farmington and she will be training! That is one lucky sister coming from the MTC to be her companion. I’ve learned so much from her, luckily we just live around the corner so we’re still planning on exercising together and sharing clothes.

Speaking of exercising, it’s not every missionary who can say they run to the Sacred Grove in the morning for exercise! I have been waiting my whole mission for that day, and this week it was warm enough! On Wednesday we ran to the Grove, walked through, said a morning prayer, and ran back. The next day we ran up to the temple and walked around and then ran back. Seriously the coolest experience ever! I live in the greatest place on earth. Hands down. My life is a dream.

And my dream gets better because I get to be companions with Sister Jacobsen! I’ve been waiting my whole mission to be companions with her. She came out two transfers after me, with sister Ewell, and she is such a rockstar. We’ve been in the same zone, but besides that we haven’t served near each other. So I’m so so excited to be her companion and she is from NEPHI! We’re neighbors and we have mutual friends. Stoked for the next transfer.

In other news this week, we deep cleaned our church building on Saturday as a ward. Apparently some important people are coming here this weekend, does anyone know any-thing about this? Just kidding, PRESIDENT EYRING AND ELDER AND SISTER HOLLAND ARE COMING TO PALMYRA THIS WEEK! Gah, does life get any cooler? And I have the amazing opportunity to be in a couple of meetings with them. Wow. Wow, wow, wow. I’ll tell you everything next week. I expect EVERYONE to tune in to the Face to Face, whether you are a youth, or a hundred years old. They’re broadcasting it from my favorite place and you will literally get to see where I serve.

image3Here I am tracting in Palmyra. 

image6And here is Sister Smith ready and waiting for people to get on I love you all and I love being a missionary!


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