64 Degrees in February!


Biggest event last week was the MLC (Mission Leadership Council) on Friday. We went to the mission office on Thursday with the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders and received such great training. It was awesome. President Evans is just the coolest.image2 I accompanied Sister Barrett on a musical number, Come Unto Christ, and it went really well. She is such a talented singer!image3

The other big news of the weekend is the weather!!! Holy shpamoley! Soooo nice, spring is in the air. It was over 60 degrees on Saturday and Sunday and we took advantage of that fact to do some tracting! It’s a reason to be smiling when the sun is shining. I love the winter and the snow, but I’m ready for the warmth. We haven’t felt the sun in months!

We had some extra miles so we went on a mini road trip first thing this morning to Sodus Point. It’s on Lake Ontario and it’s one of the most northerly points in the mission. Very much a tourist location in the summer. It was a ghost town when we went today. I’m sure people thought we were crazy climbing carefully over the icy dock to the lighthouse. Still a super fun adventure. It was pretty cold next to the lake with the wind, but it would be amazing in the summer. I love seeing the different areas in the mission.image7

How is it 13 months already? I swear I was just burning my skirt to commemorate my 1 year anniversary just last week! This past month I’ve been studying the Christlike attribute of humility and yesterday I read an awesome talk from October 2003 General Conference, The Empowerment of Humility, by Richard C. Edgley. This was my favorite quote, “Humility and gratitude are truly the twin characteristics of happiness.” This past month I have been given many humbling opportunities and I have grown so much. And I’ve been so happy! I’m grateful for so many things: my companion, my calling, but above all, the Atonement of Jesus Christ which allows me to change and try harder every day. I’m on the six month slide, and it’s speeding up. It’s a sprint to the finish and I’m making the most of each moment! I’m also grateful for my amazing family and friends, I miss and love you all and I love being a missionary.image10


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