Lovin’ February


The adventures of Smith and Barrett…

1: Farmer Smith.  We fed the cows hay and put down fresh straw. I learned a lot like 1) the difference between straw and hay, 2) the difference in pitchforks and their uses, 3) the difference between silage and haylage..both stink horribly, 4) being a farmer is fun….for a day.image2

2: New photo exhibit at the Visitor Center! Large photo stills from the Bible videos. So cool. I love this photo in particular because the authority He is giving His apostles is the same exact authority we have today! So cool! And it’s the same authority that set me apart as a missionary, something I am forever grateful for.image3

3: A lady in our ward gave us GIANT stuffed peppers. None of us had 
ever had stuffed peppers so we stuck them in our crockpot and prayed that they were stuffed with something good. Success!image4

4: Back in the pilots chair. Online teaching is so cool. I chatted with a guy from New Zealand who wants to learn more but isn’t ready for missionaries so I’m going to keep in contact with him and answer his questions. We also have some people we have sent to local mission -aries who are getting baptized this week. So cool. 2 Nephi 39:8 “and it shall come to pass that the Lord God shall commence his work among ALL NATIONS, kindreds, tongues and people, to bring about the restoration of his people upon the earth” ..that’s what I get to do online! Teach the world!


5: I went on exchanges with Sister Embley! She was my STL in Buffalo and so we’re already exchange buddies. Exchanges are convenient when it’s your housemate. We did service at the library covering old books in plastic, lots of tracting, visiting less actives and doing all that good stuff.

6: Investigators. Before I came to Farmington they were working with an 8 year old boy named Cameron who is a less active’s grandson. We’ve been trying to meet with them for so long and we finally caught them at home! And he still wants to learn! And there was another girl they met before I came, named HEAVEN, how cool. We finally got in contact with her too and we’re going to go back and teach her family.

7: Things at the sites are still going well. It’s kind of slow, but we are using our time to prepare for when the spring breakers come. I had an awesome family come in the other night to the Hill Cumorah. They only made it to the Smith Farm, so I took them to the back room with all of our cool displays and we just talked for over an hour. I told them all about the others sites and they were just soaking it up. They were awesome and I was reminded of why I love being a site sister. Teaching the gospel to people is just the best, and when people come to US wanting to learn, it’s so cool. I love these sites, these stories and everything about my calling.

8-9: Happy belated heart day from us. I just really love being a missionary.


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