News from the Land of the Restoration


What is new in the land of the Restoration? Oh we just had the best day EVER!

First off, zone conference was AMAZING! So many good trainings! I love being a missionary.

We meet with this super sweet lady named Janet who has had a really rough year since her son died. She’s not really investigating the church but we visit her and share uplifting messages with her. She loves us sister missionaries. Last week we invited her to pray and she did! This was big. She said, “you told me to pray and so I’ve been praying!” She’s so sassy, I love it. Then we asked her if we could read the Book of Mormon with her and she said we could, so we did this week! Woohoo! 

Yesterday we ate dinner with some members who only eat out of their food storage from December 1-March 1. They showed me their storage and it was insane. They cycle through it in the winter and then replenish it in the summer. People in New York are crazy about their food storage, it’s pretty impressive. Somehow we ate taco pie from food storage…

Okay, best day ever. Started at the TEMPLE! That’s right my favorite place on the planet. (20 degrees outside. We make it look like 50. Sister Barrett says if we wear flowers, spring will come quicker.) The cutest old lady, Norma, went through for her endowments after being baptized a year and a half ago. She’s had a really tough life and the gospel has changed it completely. It was a joyous day indeed. So happy for her and so happy to be there with her. Nothing like the blessings of the temple. Then we went to our shift at the Grandin building and the senior couple bought us lunch from our favorite canal side cafe. Tender mercies. AND we had so many groups come in to take tours. We were taking people through back to back.  People are returning! At least on weekends.. so fun to be taking tours again and meeting such incredible people! Could this day get any better?? Yes it could!! Surprise of my life! SISTER EWELL SURPRISED ME!!! They made a last minute trip with my fav people, Samra (baptized a couple years ago) and her son Rhyan aka one of my best friends. They made a last minute trip and only had a few minutes but it seriously made my life to see them. (Did I mention I love sister Ewell?)
Aaaaand, they brought a package for me that arrived at the Orchard Park apartment that morning from GERMANY (thank you Lisa!) filled with yummy European candy and socks! It was a good day. image5
I love being a missionary and I love you all! Church is true!

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