Meanwhile Back at the Sites…


Wow, I officially have been out on my mission for over a year! And what a year it has been, am I right? So many cool experiences and people I have met. I wish I could just devote this email to everything I’ve learned thus far, but then I wouldn’t have anything to say in my homecoming, so I’ll let the suspense build. We celebrated at the Patty Shack pictured below.image4

So I finally finished packing and made the long drive back to Palmyra. Man, it’s good to see my sites again! We hit the ground running and we have been busy busy since the get go. Truth is I just unpacked a couple hours ago because we’re always headed to the next meeting or lesson.

Visitor Center Trainer (VCT) life is so much fun! We work closely with the site directors, my favorites, the Bradfords. Another responsibility is scheduling, and doing trainings in weekly site meeting. We also get to go on team-ups with the site sisters. They’re mini exchanges at the sites and we get to help them with goals and stuff, but really they’re helping me because I can barely give a tour, I’ve been gone so long! I LOVE WORKING WITH THE SISTERS!

Wanna know who else I love? SISTER BARRETT! Seriously, we are having so much fun! She handles my craziness and is just a champ VCT. I’m learning so much from her! And the adventures have just begun!image7

A little about my area: It is literally Palmyra. How stinkin’ cool is that? Also, all the surrounding farmland is in my area. NOT what most people picture when they think of New York, but it’s real. We worked on a farm, and we’re going back this week. Fed a cow, pretty neat.image5

Also we are teaching the CUTEST 11 year-old named Zoe. She is so smart and has a solid testimony. She has a baptismal date for April, hinging on if her parents let her go through with it. We meet with her frequently and I love her so much. We also work with a lot of less actives who are working towards the temple! SO cool! Love them all! 

Changing the subject a little…There are soooo many big dogs here. And they just jump on me and about knock me to the floor. They leave Sister Barrett alone and just come charging at me! This here is a poodle that would not leave me alone!image6

I don’t know what else to say except I’m super happy right now. We are busy and that’s the way I like it. Missionary work is literally the best. But to do it where it all started?! How’d I get so blessed? 

Love being a missionary and I love you all!


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