Hello Palmyra! Yep, ’tis transfer time, and boy I’m having a rough go of it this time. Shed a tear or two. Haha just kidding, I cried all last night finding out I was leaving my Orchard Park family. That’s really what they are! I have loved every second here in good ole OP, and I’ve grown a ton. I feel like a different Sister Smith than the one who arrived 3 SHORT months ago. There is a special place in my heart for this area, like all of them, and there is always room for more. Which brings us to my next assignment…I’ve been called as the new Visitor’s Center Trainer (VCT)! Wow, did NOT see that coming. You could’ve knocked me over with a feather when President told me on the phone. BUT, if the Lord called me to it I know He will help me fulfill anything He asks, so I’m sooo excited to see what this next chapter brings in my mission. Also, stoked to be back at the sites, I’ve missed them. AAAAND my new companion is Sister Barrett! Who I’m already super close with because we were in the same district for three months and we always dreamed of being companions and abracadabra we are! WOOOHOOOO! She is the cutest. I’ll be living in Palmyra, just a block away from the Sacred Grove so that’s pretty neat! There will be four of us in the house, yay! More clothes! And yes, I said house, it’s termed the “white house” and is super cute. image2Did I tell you I LOVE East Aurora? Boy, will I miss it!

image3I’ll miss my district a TON too! Last P-day we went to Niagara Falls.

image2Honestly I could write an epistle on the things I learned here in Buffalo. Instead, I’ll end with an ode to Sister Ewell: man oh man, where to begin. Sister Ewell and I have been around each other for the past nine months and she honestly knows me better than anyone besides the fam. Everyone we meet comments on how great we are together and we can only nod and agree! We are perfect opposites, she’s the Leslie to my Ann, (Parks and Recreation) and leaving her is going to be rough, but it’s alright, cuz we’re sisters forever. Love sister Ewell with all my heart!

I love being a missionary and I love you all!


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