The Best Christmas of My Life

image1On Tuesday, my 11 month mark, we celebrated the only way we could think of – tracting Timberlake Drive while coming up with missionary lyrics to his songs. Haha, such girls!

Wednesday was nuts! We had so many teaching appointments all day long! We didn’t get a lunch or a dinner hour. Luckily Sis. Ewell thinks of these things and packed us snacks. We were running from one thing to the next. It started with district meeting in the morning. After the meeting we used the remaining minutes to create a short video of our elders playing nose whistles. This is the video we sent in to be viewed at the mission party. Being a missionary is the best.

On Thursday the nicest old lady in the world, Millie, took us to lunch. She met us at the library when we were doing service and she gave us her number to call her so we could go to lunch. People here are just sooooo nice! I wish I had a picture of us with her, she’s an angel. I do have this picture with a huge Clydesdale in the church parking lot. We were practicing our musical number and then walked out and, bam, horse.image2

Friday I had my first fish fry Friday! I’ve heard about it and seen signs at restaurants, but I hate fish, so why would I eat fish and chips – gross. Well I’ll tell you why, because our best friend in the ward, a hilarious British man, invited us over for homemade fish and chips. He did it all while we were there and his friend from Scotland came over. They’re both actors and just a riot together. So many cool accents in one room. It was hilarious. The fish wasn’t good at all, but there is no place I would have rather been than in that little apartment with the people we were with. It’s moments like that I wish I could capture and keep forever.

Saturday, the Christmas conference was soooo much fun! Baptism, talent show, mannequin challenge, white elephant, lunch, friends, devotional, musical numbers (a few of us sang O, Holy Night. Why do I get myself into these things. It was amazing! How did I get called to the greatest mission?! Love these two!image3

Wow, Sunday, Christmas. Honestly the best Christmas I’ve ever had. Church was incredible. Powerful musical numbers, a great speaker and we had Aimy, her boys, her boyfriend, and less active friend there as well. My heart was just soo full of joy, I can’t even describe it. Then the Ward members took care of us the rest of the day, they are incredibly nice to us.

Well, this has been the best Christmas season of my life. I thought it would be really hard, but inviting others to come unto Christ during this time when everyone is thinking of Him has been such a blessing and a privilege. Lighting the world isn’t over, however, “let’s make it last all year.” I’m so grateful to be serving the Lord right here, right now, and forever.


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