The Most Interesting Week of My Life

This was without a doubt the most interesting week of my life. Oh my goodness. Hold on to your seats. Or wait for me to send the pictures and just look at those, I’m sure that’s what most of you do. 

 MONDAY: best birthday ever! The rumors are true, I got my ears pierced! The ladies at Walmart were really confused why I was 21 and getting my ears pierced for the first time haha, I just never got around to it before! Then we ate yummy Paula’s Donuts, went shopping at the mall with a bunch of elders, that night we went to the ward ‘Buffalo Bells’ concert at a Catholic church, and then dyed my hair! This time it really is a few shades darker and it’s permanent. Ears pierced and new hair for the new 21 year old Tessa. AAAAA! One of the members in the ward bought me a cake as well. It was such a good day.

TUESDAY: Saw a cat get neutered. Yep. You read it right. We were doing service at the cat shelter and Sister Ewell comes in asking if we want to see a kitten get neutered. Ummmmmmm okay? So sure enough, they took us back as companionships and we watched them sedate the kittens and do the surgery. What in the world…My thoughts, “What am I doing right now? Why am I in New York? How did I get to this point where I am seeing a kitten get fixed?” A lot of existential questions. My life. Haha all I can say is what-in-the-world. That day we also met MARTHA! She was a former investigator and we stopped by and helped her shovel and scrape her car. She had met the elders but could never have them come inside so she is very excited to have sisters here. We’re going back this week to bake cookies and teach the Restoration! Sister life is awesome. Her son’s family are all Mormon and she has a grandson preparing for a mission. We are very excited for Martha.

THURSDAY: was freezing! Negative temperatures the whole day. We planned to do service at the library and they were kind enough to let us do some dusting to remain indoors. I heard it once said, “If you can survive a winter in Buffalo, you can survive anything.” Bring it on. My Nevadan companion is not enjoying it. Pray for her and her body that’s sore from slipping.

FRIDAY: Miracle of the mission. We got a call from a lady in Arizona saying her friend lives in East Aurora and wanted a priesthood blessing after being diagnosed with a horrible disease. So we call up Aimy and set up a time to come by with the elders. We came the next morning and had the coolest experience. Literally one of the most spiritual visits ever. She was able to really connect with one of the elders who was supposed to be going home that day but for complications is staying for a few more weeks. They explained priesthood blessings and gave her one and it was so amazing. Not a dry eye in the room. She wants to come to church and be taught! And she is friends with an inactive member we visited who said she’s not interested in coming back to church or having us come visit again. So Aimy reaches out to her and says, “Do you want to come to the Mormon church with me?” Inactive friend tells her that she’s been wanting to come back but wasn’t comfortable doing it, but will come with Aimy and no one else! MIRACLES! Aimy is our new best friend. She is amazing. Then that night we had a Nerf war with a couple of the young families in the ward as a combined birthday bash for the three of us missionaries. We’ve been celebrating birthdays all week, it’s been great and this Nerf war was so much fun and much needed after hearing about grandpa’s death earlier that day.

SATURDAY: Carolcade. Literally the coolest thing EVER! I’ve told you how much we LOVE East Aurora, especially their cute main street. Well, each year they block off Main Street and everyone gathers to sing Christmas carols! Talk about magical! You could’ve convinced me we were walking on Main Street Disneyland. The elders didn’t want to go, “‘cuz it’s cold, and raining, and wawawa” well we dragged them along and it was so much fun. As we entered the streets they handed us bags of roasted chestnuts and a program with about 30 Christmas songs printed in it. In the middle of the street is a lone man on a stand with a tuba band (haha, that’s a funny sentence) leading the street in song. They were trying to break a record so there was close to 3,000 people there! All singing along, drinking hot chocolate and having the best time ever! It was so cool. 

So yeah, this week was filled with lots of miracles and so many hilarious moments. I haven’t laughed so much ever. Our teaching pool has shifted from young single men to old women haha, so we’re excited. I cannot even comprehend the fact that it’s Christmas this week. What in the world. So excited to see and talk to you.

Oh how I love Christmas. But don’t forget the Christmas story in the Book of Mormon..3 Nephi 1:13-“Lift up your head and be of good cheer; for behold, the time is at hand, and on this night shall the sign be given, and on the morrow come I into the world, to show unto the world that I will fulfil all that which I have caused to be spoken by the mouth of my holy prophets.” 

Lift up your heads and be of good cheer! Christ lives and is the light of my world! 

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