Snow For My New York Birthday!

image7Wow, how did I get so lucky to have my birthday land on a Pday? AAAND it’s snowing so beautifully for me right now. As you know that’s all I ever want for my birthday. It’s great. We’ve gotten a lot of snow this week and we busted out the winter boots. YAY!! It is also two other elders’ birthdays this week in my district so we have been having some joint celebrations at members’ homes. It’s been a blast. img_4623Our ward Christmas party was on Friday. It was so much fun, I love this ward. We performed our bells number. It wasn’t our best performance, but we had so much fun. You might have seen the video on FB, if not I’ll send one. 15337626_10155025161127780_7065781408984492591_nWe’ve been doing a lot of finding this week. I’m so lucky to also be best friends with my companion. It makes finding so much more fun. We’ve been using the Light The World video and the Christmas season to meet so many cool people. We found a potential family we have high hopes for so stay tuned. 

Yesterday was the stake Christmas choir festival thing. Orchard Park had the best number. Our choir is more than twice the size of most of the other ones and we had bells accompany us. That’s what you get when a former Tabernacle Bell Ringer is your director.
This little dog, Gizmo, is CRAZY! I will always hate cats, but I am getting better with small dogs.
We had to cook for ourselves a couple times this week but we were so proud of our creations we had to document it. Yes, I’m learning how to take care of myself and eat real food while on my mission. Just kidding, all I’ve eaten is ginger snaps since mom’s package came.
New York LOVES to decorate for Christmas. This house had some unusually large nutcrackers so we had to take pictures. This was also a blessed house because they actually watched our video. image5
The missionaries of Orchard Park. This was after our bells practice. I would say it’s our district but I forget we have a MEGA district with 3 other missionaries. It’s just for a little bit before missionaries start going home for Christmas. Still, this is a pretty good group right here. 
We taught CTR 7 again yesterday. Our first mistake was rewarding them with Sour Patch Kids when they answered questions. They were bouncing off the walls! We love our class. They might as well call us to be the permanent teachers. 
I was reading in Jacob 5 yesterday, such a great chapter. I’ll leave you all with a verse. 72-And it came to pass that the servants did go and labor with their mights; and the Lord of the vineyard labored also with them; and they did obey the commandments of the Lord of the vineyard in all things.  It’s such a joy to be laboring side by side with the Lord in this part of His vineyard. This is the Lord’s work, and He can do His work! Life is so good. Love and miss you all!

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