We Escaped the Transfer!

image6Happy day! SISTER EWELL AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER IN Orchard Park FOR ANOTHER TRANSFER! Can you believe I’ve been here for a whole transfer? I can’t. Holy guacamole. We got transfer emails last night and we both held it together and were calm, then as soon as we got into the car we just started screaming. For the past two years this ward has gotten sisters this time of year and they only stay for one transfer and then leave right before Christmas. We’ve broken the sisters’ record and get to spend the holidays in our beloved Orchard Park. TOGETHER! Woohooo! Our ward is ecstatic.

In other news, this week was great. We did some finding, some teaching and some service. All great things. Also we had interviews with President Evans which is always great. And Sister Evans came as well so it was great to see them both. 
Things we did…
-Setting up Christmas for two families in the ward. The one just had a little baby and she has two toddlers, so we set up her tree and helped with some other things around the house. The other ward member has a really hurt back and said that if she didn’t set up Christmas her family wouldn’t do it and so we went and set up for her as well. 
-service at the cat shelter. Cleaning/organizing their basement. I will hate cats for the rest of my life.
-lesson with Evan 2.0. We are in the midst of passing him off to the YSA elders. He’s very excited about it. 
-setting up a book sale at the library. The library/historic society LOVES us.
-helping another ward member fill bags of “reindeer food” at her work for the Santa festival this week
-we started a scripture study in the ward on Thursday nights. This was the first week. We were supposed to have Evan and other investigators, instead we had a couple of youth, but it was good because now that we got it started they’re going to invite their friends and we’ll have a lot of people there next time. I love scripture study. Also that night we didn’t have a dinner appointment, so we put stuff in the crockpot at lunch and made so much that we just fed our district at the church. Our district has been so much fun this transfer, we’re sad to be losing two of the elders.
-bells practice. See Dad for video.
-Yesterday during Gospel Principles we got flagged down by the Primary president and asked if we could sub for third hour. We had the cutest class of seven year olds. Unfortunately the lesson she gave us was the same one they heard last week, so we ended up playing red light green light for the majority of the hour.
-CAROLING! Our new tracting approach is the “live Christmas card.” It starts with us singing Joy to the World as they come to the door, and everyone just loves that, then we tell them we are delivering a live Christmas card and ask if we can come in and share a two minute Christmas video with their family. Sometimes they ask what church we are and kindly say no, but we were able to get into a couple of doors and we had some AWESOME experiences. We took one of the Young Women in the ward, Anna Bagley. It worked so well, it’s our approach for the next month, now to figure out how to transition into them having us back to teach the Restoration…
-Speaking of Anna Bagley, today for Pday our district gathered at McDonald’s to watch her attempt to eat an entire dinner box (two Big Macs, two cheeseburgers, six nuggets, and four small fries) She did all of it but three of the fries! It was crazy impressive. She is the tiniest little teenager and she stuck the nuggets in the Big Macs and then smushed the cheeseburgers and ate those together. Truly impressive. 
So many reasons to have joy. It’s Christmas time, people’s hearts are softened, Sister Ewell and I aren’t getting transferred, and we have the coolest message EVER! Now if we could only get some snow….

image4Miss and love you all! Hope the Christmas initiative is working for everyone and that you’re all feeling closer to the Savior this Christmas season.


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