I Joined the (bell) Choir!

image1This week I joined a bell choir. That’s right. Sister Collett, our in-ward Bells on Temple Square ringer/Young Womens president taught the district a song to be performed at the Christmas party. IT WAS SO COOOOL! Life dream accomplished. It’s going to be awesome.

image4Tuesday was good ole zone conference. We’re having zone conference every transfer instead of every other now. Same goes for interviews. We had a lot of good trainings and it’s always a blast. That night we dyed my hair! That’s a first. It was a mid-mission crisis. Plus this time of year I just need a change. It wasn’t very noticeable to begin with and now it’s really faded. That was an adventure.

Wednesday we went with the Activity Day girls to the food pantry. They’d done a food drive so we were helping them deliver their stuff. That morning we also helped the Orchard Park Historic Society decorate their center. That was fun. Old people are hilarious.

We taught a couple of lessons to our Evans. Finally found the first Evan. We had to go to his work and buy pizza to meet him. It was a sacrifice, but I’ll eat pizza if it means meeting an investigator. Yesterday Evan 2.0 came to sacrament meeting! He got a new tattoo yesterday and what did the speaker talk about? How evil tattoos are. Then we taught Sunday school.

image5Yesterday it snowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE SNOW!!! Not so much driving in it, but everything else. Miracle: We were in East Aurora yesterday and I was itching to go tracting before our dinner appointment. We knocked all around the neighborhood and finally the nicest lady answered. She let us come in and get warm (Sister Ewell was frozen), and we asked her if she had any tips for the winter. She talked about having a good hat and we mentioned that yeah, we were talking about how we need to get some hats, and then her husband went and gave us a couple! Wow, so kind! And they took a Book of Mormon. The people here are soo nice.

Service this week included cutting shapes for story time at the library, pulling out dead plants at the nature center, Christmas decorating and cleaning bloody cat sneeze off the walls of the cat shelter. YUCK!! I love all of it but the cat.


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