Week 2 in Buffalo: Cats & More Cats!

If I could describe this week in one word it would be CATS. So many cats. First of all, service at the cat shelter. Sister Ewell’s heaven. Me, not so much. It was awful. Then we helped the cat shelter place set up for their annual fundraiser. So many different cat items were auctioned and we had to set it all up. Then we were escorts for the guests and seated them at their tables. But you can imagine what kind of people it was who came. It was pretty much just a crazy cat lady convention. Also, we run into cats every door we knock on. The photo says it all. image3We trusted the elders to buy cat shirts for us and somehow I managed to get the only decent one. But really, mine is the best. It’s strictly for cat service purposes haha. We have a good district.image4

This week just flew by. We spent some time in a town a few miles away that we cover. East Aurora is the coolest little place ever. Well it’s not that little, but it is amazing. There’s this store there called Vidler’s. It’s the biggest Five and Dime store ever. Like the old storehouse on Main Street on steroids. It takes up the whole block. You can probably google it. Anyway, I love East Aurora and the people there.image5

We’ve done lots of service besides the cat service. Tuesday we raked leaves for 2 hours straight. It was Sister Ewell’s first time raking leaves. (They don’t rake leaves in Nevada.) We also helped set up a rare book sale. We went to YW’s and Activity Days. The Activity Day girls were having an activity on missionary work. (The members want us to be friends with the YW because they haven’t had sisters in the ward for many years.) We volunteer at a place called Birchfield every week. It’s a park where we rake leaves and gravel trails.

image3 We went to Paula’s donuts. Paula’s donuts is famous. I got a strawberry shortcake donut. It was filled with strawberry jam and whipped cream and powdered sugar goodness and it was like a perfect pillow of strawberry shortcake. It’s not that far away and it’s not that expensive so it’s dangerous.

Today for P-day we hiked in Chestnut Ridge Park to the Eternal Flame with the district. Behind the waterfall there’s some natural gas that leaks out of the rocks and once it’s lit it burns forever. Pretty neat.image6

We’ve been doing a lot of tracting, especially during the day because we really need to find
people to teach in the nighttime dark cold hours. Our topic whilst tracting? Disneyland. Always Disneyland. Everything Disneyland. It’s great! I love Sister Ewell.image1


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