BUFFALO: The Promised Land!

Transfer emails came out last night and I could not find my name on the roster! So I scrolled to the last page thinking I’d start from the bottom but instead I see a list “missionaries going to Buffalo” and there’s my name! AAAAAAA! I told everyone I wanted to go to Buffalo for the winter and I fished my wish! My new area is ORCHARD PARK! It’s currently an elders area so we’ll be “flushing” it with sisters. My new companion is (wait for it) Sister Ewell! Yes, the Sister Ewell who is in half my pictures because we’ve been in the same ward for 6 months, we hang out every P-day, and see each other every day. So I literally could tell you her life’s story. (She’s pictured below directly behind me.) We are so excited and so nervous because this means we are leaving my beloved sites. Full prose-lyting! Woohoo! Farewell Fairport! I’m so sad to leave the Fairport Ward but I hear great things about the Orchard Park Ward. I’ll now have served in all three stakes: Rochester, Palmyra and now Buffalo! We’ll also be the only sisters in the district, which will be new. This new adventure has me so excited, I didn’t sleep last night. Packing is a nightmare. image3-2

This week I also hit my nine month mark. HUMP DAY! (Technically my hump day is next week due to my extra long mission). But that’s exciting! So you all need to tell me the truth. Has it gone by fast or slow for you at home? image4

We did soooo much service this week. On Thursday we went to Town Hall and transcribed some more town hall notes about the Civil War. That was neat. Then we did our bookstore service, remember, where we clean all the books that are donated? Then we helped a member clean out her garage. She moved into the ward a couple of months ago and is still not moved in. It rained constantly from Thursday to Saturday and she realized that soon she’ll want to put her car in her garage. Um yeah! Then on Friday we went to Palmyra and helped dry wall a Baptist church. This particular church has been known to have very anti LDS feelings, but when their main contractor got injured we volunteered to help finish their renovation. So that was fun. I know literally nothing about construction. Mostly we sisters cleaned and polished the ceiling fans and left the main part to the elders. Then that afternoon after district meeting we went to one of the elder’s investigator’s house to clean her basement. Yay service!!  

 On Saturday we got to go to a baptism for one of Sister Miller’s previous investigators, perks of being in the same district. It was kind of a scary baptism because he has some health challenges  and moving around is difficult, so they had two extra elders in the font to help, and they baptized him forward instead of backwards. I didn’t think he’d be able to get back up, but he did, and when he came in after he changed he was beaming from ear to ear. It was such a great experience.

 Yesterday was the Primary program! Honestly the best meeting of the year. Always full of surprises and always so spiritual. Hearing those kids (it’s a huge primary) belt out Praise to the Man at the top of their lungs about brought tears to my eyes.

 On Tuesday we were serving at the Hill Cumorah and we went up to the monument during companionship study. We found a toad on the monument and named him Moroni, obviously. We took a bajillion pictures and I’ve narrowed it down to this one. 
I LOVE Sister Miller and I’m so sad to be leaving her.image2
A HUGE pumpkin outside of Town Hall. 

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