Free Cider Anyone?

Another week in the books. This was a good one. On Thursday we worked a couple of hours in the morning at the Smith Farm and Sister Miller and I gave a tour to a busload of people from the Community of Christ. Those are always interesting. We have the same history here in Palmyra, so the tours aren’t that different, but then at the same time our beliefs are soo different. They were very nice and seemed to really enjoy the tour. Then we scurried over to the stake center for the mission tour. Elder LeGrand R. Curtis, Jr. of the Seventy (spoke in the priesthood session last week) came and we heard from him that afternoon. It was really good. He’s a very engaging speaker. Here’s the Palmyra North zone with the Curtises and Evans.image1On Saturday our district broke out of the box with a creative finding activity. Cuz, ya know, we need investigators. So the idea was a lemonade stand that turned into a cider stand. (New York is crazy about cider). I wasn’t going to be there for it because I was supposed to go on exchanges. I was pretty bummed because this was kinda my brain child, but then at the last minute the STLs called and postponed so we got to do it together! We set up at the farmers’ market, where there are always lots of people, and handed out free cider and copies of the Book of Mormon. We didn’t get any new investigators, but we did talk to a lot of people and I think it was a productive two hours. Then it started pouring. We did it with the Penfield elders and then next week we’ll go to their area and do a finding activity. Probably Minute to Win it. We’ll see how that goes. We’re just trying to be creative. Any finding ideas you RMs used?? Anyway, this was a lot of fun. Good mission memories. Then our district met at Simply Crepes for lunch. Sister Miller and I split a chicken cordon bleu crepe. If ever you have the chance to have a chicken cordon bleu crepe, take it!! So good. image2We have a couple of new people we are teaching. We’re still teaching Martin, and that’s going really well. He just needs to find a new job that allows him to come to church. Then there’s Elizabeth. We met her a few weeks ago and finally had a lesson. And there’s Michelle, a referral from some elders. We taught her for the first time yesterday. We’ve been taking members to lots of lessons and they have been amazing!!image5


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