Another Great General Conference

Can you believe it is October?? Looking back at our week I really can’t think of anything to write about besides General Conference, which was incredible. On Saturday we went to the Gilchrist’s house. She is a single mom with two cute boys. We watched both sessions there and between sessions she made the homemade tacquitos that I love so much! There was so much about the Restoration on Saturday, and we were watching it with the other sister missionaries in our ward so every time something was said about it we all got really excited. We just love serving in the Cradle of the Restoration and being the guardians of the Restoration. On Sunday we went to the Larsons. They are so amazing. They had Thibisa over for the day as well. We made stew and biscuits and it felt just like being home. Martin, our investigator, came for dinner and watched the afternoon session with us. There were so many incredible talks. We were commenting the next day on how there wasn’t any talk of things getting easier or better, but they just stressed the fundamentals. So much on repentance, prayer, faith, Sunday worship and of course, the Restoration. The funda- mentals are so important. We can’t get hung up on smaller things that we don’t under- stand, because honestly “to whom shall we go?” I’m so grateful for my mission that allows me to focus  on studying the doctrine of Christ.

Our recent trainings have been about using our talents in missionary work…yay, using talents…anyway, both Sister Miller and I like to bake so we made over one hundred “conference cookies” and took them around to less actives and members in the mornings before conference. We also had a lesson planned, but that fell through, so we did what I call “conference tracting.” The approach is knocking on the door and when they answer it say, “Hi, if there was a living prophet of God on the earth today, would you be interested in what he had to say?” “Uuuh, yeah.” “Great, cuz he’ll be speaking to the whole world in a couple of hours.”  It’s so cool to have God’s chosen servants talk to us twice a year. This is Christ’s church!  So cool. Anyway, I thought this was a great idea, but we only did a couple of doors before it started pouring rain and sister Miller didn’t have a jacket. So we did more cookie deliveries. Here’s us braving some rain.image1

In other news, we had District Waffle Breakfast before District Meeting and our District Leader asked one of the companionships to bring waffles. The other sisters- “Ice cream on waffles?? That is so unhealthy!” Me- “That is literally the only way to eat a waffle.”  Yay, so glad for vanilla ice cream on waffles!! image2



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