6 mos. Out & 5 mos. Till Christmas!

My 6 month pic at the Grove. When I first came out I told myself I wouldn’t keep track of time or count months. Yeah that didn’t happen. Oops.DSC03195

Happy Pioneer Day! I forgot it was Pioneer Day until I heard the talks of the other ward being piped into the foyer before ward council. Without Oakley, it didn’t even register. Plus, the members in New York aren’t big on it, obviously. They are the ones who didn’t go west, why would they care, nevertheless we heard many great pioneer talks in Sacrament Meeting.

But, we are five months away from Christmas! Woohoo. We listen to Christmas music all the time, but I still can’t wait. Today after emailing we are going to walk the canal and go browse all the cute shops. I will most likely do all my Christmas shopping for you guys there today. No surprise right, Tessa’s going Christmas shopping in July? I love Fairport Main Street and have been wanting to look around my whole time here. Well, there is a good chance I get transferred next week, so this is my last chance. I don’t want to leave Airport!!

Well, my week was interesting. On Wednesday we did service at the Indian reservation again. This time we were working outside in the field. Pulling weeds and staking in black plastic around the corn: felt a lot like home! Also that day we had interviews with President Evans. Wow, he is incredible. He definitely feels like my mission president now. I’m excited to work with him over the next year. Thursday we were at the Visitor’s Center. It has really slowed down since pageant. Not many people came in. Friday we had zone meeting, Saturday was a 9-9 shift at the Whitmer Farm. I love the Whitmer Farm, even though the shifts there are long. 
After a rough night of disappointment what do we do? Fix it with some FroYo and a pretty sunset by the canal.

And now, for Miracle Sunday: Lexy came to church!! We haven’t seen her for a few weeks, but she came! At first she said she could only stay for the first hour, but then she said she was curious about the next classes, so she stayed for the whole block! She seemed to enjoy it. Hopefully we can meet with her this week and keep teaching her. Then last night we had a pass off lesson with the AP’s for the man we met at pageant. It also went really well. Good stuff.

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