It’s Pageant Time!

DSC03129PAGEANT!!!! The time I have been waiting for since I got my call!! Well, let me tell you about it. It’s all hands on deck. We work a shift everyday and teach THOUSANDS of people! We get to the Smith Farm and there are five buses waiting. It’s crazy, but so much fun! Oh, I also have no more voice, which is a problem as I’ll be at the Smith Farm again today. We get to see the pageant once for ourselves and two other times with investigators. We went on Friday, opening night. It was really good, I was super impressed with the effects! Buuut, I still like Manti better. It would be really fun to come back and be in the cast here. They arrive just one week before the opening show, and they camp next to the Hill and practice all day to get ready. It’s amazing it comes together so fast. We also went on Wednesday with our ward. They had a picnic before at the Stake Center and they all bring their friends and we head over to the pageant. We sat with one of these nonmember friends who loved the pageant and is interested in learning more! So we’ll get the elders in his area to teach him. Then, just now our zone leaders called and said that they found someone in our area who is coming and wants to meet with missionaries, so if we can get someone to cover the last hour of our shift we’ll go again. This will mean another late night, and another early shift to go to tomorrow, which isn’t ideal, but if it means a new investigator, we’ll make it happen! 

Miracle of miracles..Ashley got baptized! Yes, the girl I was teaching in Irondequoit was baptized and confirmed on Sunday. We didn’t find out about it until Saturday night, but with a quick shift change we were able to attend. Sister Moore also got to go so it was a fun reunion with everyone in the Rochester 1st Ward. I gave a talk on baptism and accompanied Sister Moore on a musical number. It was fantastic:D

Another Miracle: We got a referral for a man named Muhammad Ali. So at first I’m thinking it is a prank, there’s only a name and phone number. Our online referral confirmations are supposed to stop fake referrals from coming, but it still happens. So we call the number and lo and behold, Muhammad Ali is a real person! Who wants to meet with us! We set up an appointment, but he got stuck in traffic, or had car problems, he’s hard to understand on the phone with his accent..but we’ll set up another one for next week and hopefully we’ll be able to meet him! 

So a lot of people ask me if I’m related to Joseph Smith and I get to tell them my relationship. I have our family picture in the back of my site Book of Mormon and on the back I drew a little pedigree chart to show people because they don’t always understand “four times removed.” So at the Whitmer Farm last week a man and his family came in and asked and I told him and the follow up was, “Oh, who is your ancestor?” So I showed them the chart and told them about Jesse and Silas and this man is just astonished and tells his dad to come look. So the grandpa comes and looks and gets excited because he is also a descendant of Jesse! But it was interesting because of the three generations there (grandpa, son and two teenage grandsons), I’m the same generation as the grandfather because he is also four times removed. That was interesting. 

 Book of Mormon: I’ve finished the Book of Mormon twice in the past couple of weeks. The first time was the completion of our mission reading challenge. Then I went back to where I was reading previous to the challenge and finished again. I love the Book of Mormon and I love the insights I gain each time I read it! 


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