A Filipina Companion & Farewell to the Pres.

image1New companions are so fun. Sister Oliva (oh-leave-a:)is from Bicol Philippines! She has been out for 16 months and she is a party. She speaks 5 languages: Bicol, Tagalog, English, cat and dog. I thought she was kidding about the last two until our first lesson together when she spent the first 5 minutes communicating with the pets…She LOVES cats and dogs. As you know..I do not. She is the 5th of 6 kids and is a great cook. She came to the apartment and starting just pulling things out of the fridge and the pantry and threw it together and she’s made some really yummy stuff. She is very bubbly and hilarious.image3

We were at the sites almost everyday last week. I took a lot of bus youth conferences from all over the east, my favorite was some kids from North Carolina. We were at the Smith Farm together and then I saw them at the Grandin the next day. Also, big family reunions have come through. We had Marlin K. Jensen, emeritus seventy, here the other week with his family. They’re lots of fun. Right now it’s slowing down a bit. The calm before the storm. I guess most people are thinking if they’re coming soon, they might as well do it when pageant is going. We’re prepping. Lots of logistics to handling crowds at each of the sites. When we’re not at the sites, we’re teaching people. We had some good lessons this week. Lexy is still meeting with us. I got the greatest call on Wednesday night. Ashley, from my old area, called to invite me to her baptism on Sunday. She also wanted me to speak and do a musical number with sister Moore, so I was sooo excited. Then by Saturday night they had pushed back her date again..that was disappointing..hopefully next time she’ll go through with it!image5Today was the Francis’ farewell reception. They had one at our church and one in Buffalo. He and sister Francis spoke for a little, we sang Called to Serve to them and got pictures. It was sad, I sure love them a lot. I’m really excited to meet my new president, however.

It’s been super hot here. And humid. We haven’t had AC, but our housing coordinator is coming on Wednesday to put one in. We’ve been DYING!


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