Serving the Indians

This week (June 5-11) we did service at an Iroquois Indian reservation! It was so rad. They grow and sell their own white corn. They already had a lot of volunteers de-kerneling it, (I don’t know the term, shucking isn’t right.) Anyway, that’s what the missionaries usually do there, and I was excited to do it since I have experience from that time we did it with all the popcorn we grew. Instead we put labels on the bags that go out for sale. Then we spread out the washed kernels on drying racks. It was a blast.

I had a family from Pittsford (the town right next to mine) come into the Grandin Bdg. last week. They’re not of our faith, but they were just interested in looking around. The dad had been to Temple Square but he had no idea it all started in Palmyra. He thought that was super cool and I was able to teach him some, give him a Book of Mormon and send his information to the local missionaries. And since they’re in my district I’ll be able to get reports on how it goes! That was the site miracle.

I had my first bus tours last week! Oh man, it was kinda crazy but we’re trained profes- sionals *sarcasm*. It really was fine though, just a little nerve racking to have 50 teenagers staring at you, waiting to be taught.image4image3



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