Beautiful Fairport

So, let me tell you about Fairport! I don’t think that I could’ve been sent to a more different area from Irondequoit. I went from the dense city to the country. It is so beautiful here! The green fields and the spring trees are so gorgeous, I can’t get over it. Our apartment is in a loft above the garage of a family’s house. They’re not members. Yet.  They’re really nice and we don’t have to pay for laundry, which is great. It’s a tiny apartment, but it doesn’t smell like cigarette smoke like my last one, so I’m not complaining.

Fairport is pretty wealthy. The neighborhoods are very nice here. So far everyone has been super nice. Super not interested in learning about the gospel and being with their families forever, but they’re super nice about it. Here’s where we get to the fun part. Currently we are teaching zero people. Which means we get to spend all our area time finding. Let me tell you about our Saturday. During the week we’d see lots of people out in their perfectly manicured yards working so we decided to go service tracting in the morning. Normally when we offer service people look at us in our skirts and scoff, so the day we were wearing service clothes to go find people to one is outside. It was so weird! We went around all over and no one was in their yards, or if they were they didn’t need help. Lame. Our afternoon finding activity was going to different parks and drawing the plan of salvation and in chalk. Now we thought the parks would be filled with people on a Saturday. Nope. We chalked all over aaaaand then it started pouring rain, erasing our efforts. So we tracted in the rain for the rest of the afternoon. Yay Fairport!DSC02874
Here I am with my cute companion Sister Fuhriman, from Nampa, Idaho. She’s been out just a transfer longer than me, so since we’re both new we’re sorta makin’ this missionary thing up as we go. But she works really hard and we get along well. Here we are at the Erie Canal in Palmyra during our Grandin shift yesterday. We were sent out by the senior couple to get fresh air.DSC02883
The ward here is a large family ward. The last ward I was in didn’t have too many kids and it was pretty small, so I really haven’t been in a bustling ward since I moved to YSA. It was kind of a shock to be there on a Sunday. But the ward members are super great and we are getting fed a lot:)

Off to Palmyra! 1st Transfer, May 10th, 2016

Wow, I guess the most anyone can handle me is a transfer! We got the call this morning and I’m going to be serving in Fairport! My new companion is Sister Fuhriman, who has been out a transfer longer than I. Sister Phoomphuang is staying. So I’m packing today amidst other usual area activities as I don’t really get a P-day this week. I’ll be in the Palmyra Stake! Fun! Today has been sad saying goodbye to all the people we’ve been working with. I love the people of Irondequoit! The bishop calls it the celestial ward, and they really are amazing. But onto my new area. Tune in next week to see how it goes!

Miracle of the week #1: We finally got to meet with the investigator I found with Sister Moore. Yeah, it’s been a while, but she was really sick and so we finally got to have a lesson with her. It went really well. Her name is Carolyn and I will be checking with the Irondequoit sisters frequently to see how she progresses. 
Miracle #2: We finally went to the temple. We get to go once a transfer so for some reason we waited to the very end to go. It was incredible, and exactly what I needed.
Miracle #3: The greatest miracle ever! Sister Andrukat is a less-active lady we’ve been visiting. Whenever we brought up church she would give us excuses, either medical, or anxiety (she had awful experiences of abuse at church when she was little). So after meeting with her for a few weeks and sharing messages we decided to start studying the Book of Mormon with her. And she loves it! She keeps going on about all the new insights she’s gained reading it with us. So when we brought up church recently she said she would go, and she did! We were really excited to have her there, she loved every minute of it, and she said all the fears she had about church were lifted and she wants to come again. It wasn’t until later when we were talking to her home teacher that he told us she hasn’t been to church (or in a church building either) in 10-20 years. He kept telling us how hard they’ve tried to help her come and he couldn’t believe we got her there. All the credit goes to the Book of Mormon. This was really big for me because I haven’t felt like there was much progress in the area while I’ve been here, and I was worried about that, but if I could’ve been an instrument in bringing Sister Andrukat back to church then I can leave happy.