A Jazz Concert & The Grandin Building’s Anniversary


The Grove in early spring. Early spring, when the First Vision happened. Definitely not like how the films and 99% of the paintings portray it right? The leaves are just starting to make their appearance.
 This past week was interesting. We had two full area days, which is a rarity these days, but the new site schedule gives us more area time. We taught a lot of less actives and got to spend more time doing service, so it was good. Fun story. We went to the rehab center earlier than normal because the person we coordinate with there said that they were having a special musical presentation and it would be good for us to go and mingle with some of the long term residents and get to know them. We get there and it was a jazz concert (funny, I capitalized jazz at first out of habit. Oh Jazz), it was too loud to talk to anyone (especially considering hearing aids..). Sister Phoomphuang was telling me we weren’t supposed to be there listening to it but we were boxed in by wheelchairs on all sides, so we were stuck! Haha. It was a really good concert though. Then we helped by transporting people back and we painted nails.

Miracle of the week: remember James, the guy from England I chatted with a month ago? Sister Moore texted to tell me she called the elders working with him and apparently he got baptized on Saturday!! That was the greatest news ever.

Sister Hirshi

So they do a Family Home Evening activity at the Grandin Building every year to commemorate the anniversary of its printing. Usually they do it in March but they had to push it to April. So there are missionaries dressed up in 1800’s style clothing, activities, cookies, lots of fun stuff. People from all over the mission come to it. We were only supposed to go if we had an investigator (which we were planning on, but that didn’t work out), anyway we carpooled with the sisters who were working there so we had to wait for them. It was a lot of fun. That was the big event of the week.



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