General Conference at the Whitmer Farm

WE’RE ALIIIIIIIVE!!!!! Can you guess what the miracle of the week is? Yep, I successfully got us to where we needed to be, on time, and in one piece! Part two of the miracle is how much we got done in our area in the short time we had. We talked to lots of people and have plans to talk to a lot more. Sister Phoomphuang is such a hard worker, we’ll translate Irondequoit before the end of the transfer.

So, some things about Sister Phoomphuang (Poom-poo-ong).  She loves to cook, which is the best. Today we are going to make some Thai food. I’m super excited. She also loves noodles. I think she ate noodles for every meal last week. I had some of the ramen she made one day and it was really good, but also pretty spicy. She LOVES spicy food. Like, reeeeally spicy food. I’ve decided to be adventurous, and I try everything she offers me. This morning it was dried squid. Another cool thing about her is that she does cool things with my hair, which is great because I have no talent in that area, as I had no sisters to practice on. She also has to do an hour of language study each day, which I use to study the historic site guides we’re given (with personal, companion, 12 week, and language, that’s four hours a day of studying!) And lastly, she is so funny. I can’t even explain it, she just does the funniest things.

We were traveling during the first session of General Conference, but I got to watch the first part of the afternoon session at the Whitmer Farm. I was listening to Elder Mazzagardi’s talk about the places of the Restoration and the Whitmer Farm and I was super excited to be at that place right then. Just then a group came into the visitor’s center so we had to take them on tour, so we missed the rest of the talk and the rest of that session. But we got to watch both Sunday sessions. I loved Elder Holland’s talk, which was exactly what I needed to hear, and also Elder Mervyn Arnold’s Saturday talk was really good about going to the rescue. 

We meet cool people at all the sites and we chat with people all over the world. This week it was the missionaries in Thailand that we called. Exciting stuff! Here we are at the Whitmer farm.DSC02768

Here we are with our roommates at the Hill Cumorah Visitor’s Center.

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