A Companion from Thailand

Who loves transfers? Nope. Not me. So, end of the first transfer (7 weeks for the MTC lapse) and Sister Moore and I were thinking we were safe. I’m only halfway through my training and TYPICALLY the trainer stays the whole time, except for last transfer when three trainees were separated from their trainers. So, not unprecedented, but very unusual. When the call came they told us that I would stay in Irondequoit and Sister Moore would be leaving! There were many tears. I love Sister Moore so much! My new companion is Sister Phoomphuang from Thailand! She’s been serving in Buffalo, so I hadn’t met her before today. Everyone I talked to loves her and says she’s hilarious. One of the first things she asked me was whether I like to have fun, so I can tell we’re going to get along just great! The only thing is that because she is international, she can’t drive…which means I have to….which means there’s a 97% chance I’ll kill us both before the transfer is over…Yeah, I’m not really sure why I agreed to be a certified driver, but your prayers are appreciated.


Miracle of the week: We chatted with a man from Guernsey Island, in the middle of the English Channel! He was soo cool. He was saying how he really wants to join the church but has some doubts. He asked some really tough questions, but we answered them the best we could and apparently we helped a lot. We called the elders who are teaching him (yeah, new feature we found, we can call other missionaries and coordinate efforts with referrals and teaching. They are the main teachers and when we follow-up with referrals and chatters, we just want to be a support system and answer/clarify any questions, pretty neat) and they told us all about this guy, James. He’s a preacher over in the UK and when they first met him he was trying to prove that the church was wrong, but now he really wants it to be true. Sister Moore is going to keep in contact and let me know what happens. He was really excited because he found General Conference bingo on lds.org for this weekend. He is so funny.
March 26, 1830 was the day the Book of Mormon was first sold in Grandin’s book shop, so here’s my commemoration pic. I took a tour group by myself this shift and it was really good. The family was super nice. I’ve definitely come to realize that the tours we take are meant for us specifically, either so we can use our personal knowledge and background to help them, or for them to help us, because I learn so much from the people I take on tour.  
This Saturday is my first shift at the Whitmer Farm! It’s two hours away so we don’t serve there often from Irondequoit, but I’m so excited to be there during Conference. To watch it where the church was organized! Just imagine! I’m so excited for this weekend.

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