Tourism Increases & Hungry Seagulls

Our area is….dead, yeah it’s pretty dead. But I’m seeing it as a blessing. This week we are at the sites everyday but P-day and Sunday. Factor in studies, travel time, visits, and meetings and we have about 6 hours in our area. So even if we found people to teach, it would be difficult to do so with our limited schedule. We are still teaching a couple of people, and visiting our pool of less-actives. Our area may be struggling but the sites are great as ever. Lots of online work to be done. The Easter campaign has brought in TONS of referrals. We can’t make a dent in them currently. And we have been getting a lot more visitors at the sites and have taken a lot more tours. I had my first shift at the Grandin Building. Iiiincredible. Spring break has brought lots of people to New York. There are miracles every day, whether in our area or at the sites. 

Miracle of the week: Saturday Sister Moore points out that we are about out of gas, but that we can make it til Monday. Sunday I ask her if we have enough gas to get to the stake missionary fireside. The lady we do a lot of service for, Dorothea, was speaking and we love her so much and had been telling her all week how excited we were to hear her. So Sister Moore says we’ll have enough gas to get us to the Stake Center and back. Then on our way to our dinner appointment Sister Moore says we won’t have gas to go… Hmmmm. So we call the part-member family we are teaching (and trying to get the 11 year old to come to sacrament meeting so she can be baptized) and ask them if they are going to the fireside and if we could get a ride. So we carpooled with them and it was an amazing experience. The fireside was great, they met President Francis and a lot of other members, and we just had a great time spending the evening with them. It was really good for them to be there and I’m sure that if we hadn’t needed a ride, they wouldn’t have made it. Miracles.

IMG_5328We had zone meeting on St. Patrick’s Day. For some reason the little holidays are so much more exciting on the mission. Something to look forward to. So we went all out on our green. Check out Sister Graham’s and my socks. Fabulous. And zone meeting was really great too. I learned that I’ve been obedient and I’m working hard, but if I don’t have the faith that there are people being prepared in my area, I won’t have success. 

DSC02724So at the beach we had the most terrifying experience ever. Sister Moore thought it was hilarious. It wasn’t. We took bread to feed the ducks. But the ducks were weird and kept swimming away. Finally we found some geese to feed (there are tons of Canadian Geese here). So we start feeding them when all of a sudden a flock of seagulls come and dive onto the bread. When they realized the source of it they swarmed us and we were just chucking bread into the air that they would catch. They were literally about six feet away from us, just hovering and we kept throwing bread. Their calls were deafening. It was nuts. I was terrified because live poultry is scary. We were coming to the end of the bread supply, and I didn’t want to see what they would do to us so when the food stopped we quickly threw the last of it into the lake and ran for our lives to the car. Now whenever I hear seagulls, I flinch. Scarred for life. Sister Moore is still laughing about it. That was our adventure for the day.


Here’s us on our commute to Palmyra. I ate an unhealthy amount of Reese’s Puffs on this particular ride. Thus is missionary life.

 Enjoy Easter week!


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