Grandpa’s Funeral, etc.

This week was full of all sorts of fun stuff. On Tuesday I went on exchanges with Sister Goates. Exchanges are convenient when the STL’s are your roommates. They serve in the YSA branch so we got to teach some lessons and go street contacting in the city. It was lots of fun. Then we got to go see the first part of the Face2Face event with Elder Holland. That was fun. I guess you guys got to see him face to face for real last weekend [at Grandpa’s viewing]. That’s super cool.

Miracle of the week came on Wednesday at the Hill. We were doing our online teaching and we get a chat. Before we could welcome her to she says, “Hello, I’d like to know more about how to become a mormon.” I’m like, “well we can help you with that”! So we will hopefully start teaching her until she feels comfortable meeting with local missionaries, the end goal for us. Also online we do referral confirmations. People ask for a Book of Mormon, a Bible, or to meet with missionaries, and as soon as they send in the request we call them up and confirm that they want it and when would be a good time for local missionaries to come by. This leads to some golden opportunities. I got a call from a guy who was meeting with the missionaries and he moved and lost his BoM in the move which he was reading everyday. When I asked when missionaries could come by he wanted them right then. So then we text the local missionaries and say, “get your fannies over to this address right now!” Just kidding, we don’t say it like that, but it’s pretty much the amount of urgency we convey.

Thursday we went to Palmyra and had our Adjusting to Missionary Life meeting with the president and the other newbies. We talked a lot about stress, how we’re doing and that stuff. Then we got to go to the temple! It was fabulous. Palmyra is a really small temple and we had a huge session. It was great and it was a rainy day as well. My favorite.

On Friday at the Hill we had a lot of visitors. It was great. Lots of missionaries brought people in, which we love. I met a couple from Richfield and the man’s parents were baptized by Phil Murray. Pretty neat. Here are Sister Moore and I at the monument.


President told us at the temple that on Saturday he would meet us at our church building ten minutes before Grandpa’s funeral. I thought maybe he had contacted you guys and there was a plan, but we get there and he says, “alright, who are we calling?” I’m thinking, “Shoot this isn’t going to work, they’ll be in the family prayer and their phones are probably off!” But we called and texted the lot of you, (the numbers I could remember at least) and I just prayed that someone would check their phone and Dad did! I was so happy that worked! The video cut off a couple times, but it worked great. We could hear it, screaming babies and all, haha. But really it was perfect. The first musical number was AMAZING! President wanted me to sing…I was singing in my heart with you guys. Timothy’s talk was my favorite. The call failed at the very end after the letters [from the 1st Presidency and Elder Oaks] were read. Such a great funeral, I’m really glad I got to be a part of that. President Francis is theee coolest.


The reason I have 0 time to write is because WE WENT TO THE ZOO TODAY!




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