Giant Calzones & the Garbage Plate

On Wednesday we had a shift at the Hill in the morning. (It’s about thirty miles away, but an hour drive as we are going city speeds almost the entire way). We teach online as soon as we get there and then study while we wait for visitors. And wait for visitors some more. We’re slowly getting out of the slow season. Then we did studies after our shift because we had site meeting that night and it’s not worth it to drive home and back. For dinner we went to Nima’s, a famous place in the mission for good calzones. Sister Moore and I decided to split one, and when they brought them out I couldn’t believe how big it was! Photo evidence was a must. But it was sooooo delicious and then I also had lunch for the next day!


On Saturday we had our first shift at the Smith farm!! Here’s us online.


We serve with a senior couple, so when a group came in they took them out on a tour. So as always happens, when we get one group we get 10 at once. Some Japanese ladies and a family from Texas soon followed. This was a problem. Someone has to always be in the welcome center, so Sister Moore took them out and I was left to hold down the fort on my own. With no companion. Weird. But as you can see, it is still standing. Then the senior couple came back and I ran out to join the group and finish the tour. My first tour! Or at least half of one. It was awesome! I’m gonna love it so much!


Then we went to stake conference. The adult session was amazing. On Sunday we sang as a missionary choir (the second week in a row I’ve sung in church, our ward choir sang last week). We marched in before the meeting to Called to Serve and sang a musical number (Sisters of Zion/Armies of Helaman medley, my absolute favorite, I cry every time). It was a really great conference.

Miracle of the week happened while tracting. We came to a house and the lady who answered asked us to come in right off the bat. Then she told us to sit down and tell her what we believe. ???Is this real life??? We taught the restoration and she had questions about prophets and stuff. I offered her a Book of Mormon and she said, “Oh perfect, I was gonna ask if you had another copy, I’m gonna read this right now.” Yep, definitely not real life. Then before we could ask SHE ASKED US if we could come back. It was amazing. I can’t wait to go back. Her name is Dorian and she is SO nice.

Today we went to get a garbage plate, Sister Moore’s and my first! I’ve heard soo much about them, they really are more than famous. So we go to the super sketchy part of town, and order a cheeseburger garbage plate (macaroni salad and home fries with two cheeseburger patties on top, smothered in meat sauce, mustard and hot sauce. You could probably get a heart attack just by reading the description. Verdict: Seriously SOOO GOOOD!!! I felt so cultured, I’m officially part of New York now! Here’s the exterior of the building and a super sketchy staircase leading to an unknown door. I needed a picture obviously.



And then the beautiful garbage plate. (I realize it seems like all I write home about is food, you probably think I eat out a lot. I really don’t. These are special occasions). When getting a garbage plate it is important to go to the original. Nick Tahou’s is the original and they love having missionaries come in.



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