Landed in New York

tessa @ grove[Our Visitor Center Training in] Salt Lake was great. Gave out my pass-along cards, I even placed my first Book of Mormon, but really I did! Got a new online investigator. Good stuff. Flew first class from Detroit to New York. I don’t know how that happened but it was cool. The president and his wife were waiting for us when we got off the plane. As we drove through the city the president gave us a tour with lots of neat information about Rochester. The office couples had an awesome dinner waiting for us at the mission home then we had orientation and interviews with the president. He’s great, always smiling. We stayed the night there and the next morning we drove to the sites and got a tour from the president himself. We had some personal time in the Sacred Grove to pray and think about what we wanted for our mission, then to the mission office to meet my trainer! Sister Moore is from Goodyear, AZ.  She’s really awesome and we get along great. We drove with the Sister Training Leaders to the apartment we share. We live right outside Rochester in the suburb of Irondequoit. We drive (Sis. Moore drives, I’m the keeper of the phone) a 2016 Nissan Rogue, one of the newest cars in the mission. Our apartment is…not as nice. It’s pretty sketchy, most things are broken. The next day we had a site meeting at the Hill Cumorah where I met more sisters and couples. I love the visitor center already. Right now they have a special art exhibit of Liz Lemon Swindle paintings – my favorite! So we had a shift there on Thursday from 3-9. We gave a practice tour, taught my online investigator a lesson, and I familiarized myself with the stuff. This is dead season right now, we get about 0-3 groups a day. So the first visitor I get at the center was Hannah Hammond from Manti! There was no snow when I landed. It has now snowed every day since I’ve been here. I brought winter with me. It’s been freezing here and on Saturday it was 0 degrees but with windchill it was negative 25. We’re not allowed to go out past negative 20 except for an appointment. 


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