Last P-Day in the MTC



My last email from the MTC? That’s nutso. Time is really weird here. I can’t believe I’ve been here for 16 days, it feels like 2, but then everything before the MTC feels like a year ago. And there are missionaries here who have been here since before Christmas! Crazy!

We had really good devotionals this week. Elder Zwick of the Seventy came on Tuesday and Elder Anderson (VP of Admissions at BYU I think?) came on Sunday. They gave really good talks on how to be REAL missionaries and the importance of sincere prayer. For choir we sang an AMAZING arrangement of Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer. Singing in the choir was definitely a highlight of the MTC experience. 
We started Visitor Center training the day after everyone left. It’s nuts. You know the chat option on Yeah, we take those. You know the number on the back of the pass along cards? Yeah we take those. That’s part of our online teaching, which we will do for a couple of hours each day. We also skype with people who come into the VC and teach them until they get in contact with local missionaries (which takes an average of 3 weeks!) so we don’t lose them. We also learned about giving tours and planning by the Spirit. It’s even more crucial for us because how do you plan what to study when you have no idea who’s gonna walk through the doors?? Relying completely on the Spirit, that’s how. It’s NUTS!  We give mock tours in a special room with a cardboard Christ statue and Book of Mormon display. Fun Fact: the new MTC section they’re building is going to have a real Visitor’s Center with all the stuff for Sisters to practice! I wonder if anyone can come in just like any other VC? And then tomorrow we wide da twain to tempo squaaaaaaaa!! I’m nervous, but excited. It’ll be fun.
Miracle for the week. Sis. LeBaron and I were reading a chapter from the Book of Mormon together in the hall where it was quiet. A cute Guatemalan couple sat across from us and after a little bit they asked us if we were reading the Bible. We taught them about the Book of Mormon. At first I thought they were member volunteers who come to play investigators, but they were legit! They said their landlord worked here and they were curious about the Mormons and he told them they could get free lessons here. But the elders who were supposed to teach them didn’t show up, but we were placed in their path so we could teach them. Heavenly Father is amazing. The wife, Hely, was super Catholic, the husband, José, was nonreligious. We taught them for about 45 minutes, (we about missed lunch) but it was sooo cool. They were really glad we got to talk to them and said they would come back next week. Wouldn’t it have been awful if they had come and no one met them?! They were sad we wouldn’t be there to teach them again. We told them where we were serving and José said he had a friend in New York. He took our emails and said he would send us his friend’s phone number so we could teach him! When I found out where they were from I told them my brother served in Quetzaltenango and José got really excited because he grew up right next to there. It was rad.