Tessa Enters the MTC, 20 January 2016

Sister Smith entered the MTC on January 20, 2016. Two days later was her first P-day and she sent her first email home. Following are excerpts from that first email.

IMG_2173  IMG_2192
So after you kicked me off at the curb I was whisked through all sorts of rooms, handed all sorts of stuff and had my name tag pinned on me. At one point I just turned to the sister behind me and said, “We’re in the MTC.” More to alert myself than her. That first day was really surreal. I met my district in our class (which is on the fifth floor, “my old enemy – stairs”, though it’s probably good for me to work off the chocolate milk I drink for every meal), and they are awesome.
(Tessa & Sis. LeBaron which we have discovered is her 2nd cousin once removed. We’ll just call them cousins. They were so excited to discover that their dads knew each other and were related!)
 My district has 6 elders (4 to Omaha, 2 to Vegas) and 4 sisters (the other two are going to the Portland Oregon Visitor’s Center). One of the Portland sisters had her flight delayed from Virginia so her companion, Sister Hulet, tagged along. My sweet companion is an angel. She is from South Weber and her name is Sister LeBaron. She is a hard worker and is quick to laugh and smile. We met the MTC Presidency and then had dinner which I didn’t eat anything. It was only about 4:00 and I was still stuffed from Kneaders, plus nerves probably. The food is good. Not great, but good. I haven’t really eaten a lot, but what’s new. After dinner there was a worldwide missionary devotional broadcast. It was a pretty big deal as it hasn’t happened in over a decade. We heard from a lot of church leaders and it was really good. Then we met our zone leaders and sister training leaders, who are also our roomies. They are great and gave us a little orientation even though they’ve only been here a week. I found out why I’m here for three weeks and all the other elders and sisters are here for two! We Visitor Center gals have the normal two weeks of proselyting training and one week for VC training. Rumor is we get a field trip to Temple Square to be trained, but I’ll tell you about that when it happens.
So the past couple nights I’ve had such a hard time getting to sleep. Which is super annoying, because I’m so dead tired. I’m just so overwhelmed, I can’t wait to get to the stage where I’m asleep before my head hits the pillow. Sister LeBaron hasn’t slept at all the past two nights. I don’t know how she functions. She has way more energy than I do. 
Yesterday we had classes and lots of study time. We got our first investigator, which is absolutely terrifying. We also met our branch presidency and had personal interviews. They’re awesome and their wives are so nice and always give us sisters hugs. We also got callings and Sister LeBaron and I are the new Sister Training leaders from this Sunday to next Sunday. As if I wasn’t already stressed. There’s so much to read and study. I’m also the piano player. Meh. Plus I got called as senior companion, which is ridiculous because Sister LeBaron is waay better than I am, she’s always reminding me to pray before meals and studies. We’ll switch halfway through and she’ll be senior. 
(Tessa at the gym. She says, “Me getting gym training from a video. If you put it on double speed you get to your next meeting faster…and the person has a funny voice.”
 MTC is great! I love my companion and I’m doing great!